Gemini 2017 Forecast Horoscope

Gemini 2017 ForecastLooking at your Gemini 2017 Forecast as a whole, there are major developments on the romantic, work and relationship fronts. It’s clear that a balance between work and play has to be a priority from the outset. This is something you’re all too aware of.

Work/life balance challenges of the past few years do not follow you into 2017. However, the benefits do. You learn the hard way what happens when your home and professional lives are out of balance.

In 2017 challenges don’t make sense at the time but they do in hindsight This year your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative in over a decade.

Lucky Jupiter returns to your romantic and creative sector on the 9th September. He remains until the 10th October, and forces in play keep the momentum going right through to early December. Something that stays with you for most of the year.

On the 10th October Jupiter returns to your work sector. This sets in motion your biggest year for work opportunity and growth in over a decade. Also, your busiest.

Gemini 2017 Forecast – dramatic developments

Playful and romantically charged forces have two months to play out. You are unlikely to be happy with being put out. This is when the battle lines between work and play are drawn.

The professional gods won’t wait until then. Playful and romantic forces are abandoned. Something special develops on the career front from the get go.

You move into the year with Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your career sector. Venus returns on the 3rd January. As a result, career and professional developments take off. This is much earlier in the year than is usually the case, but a lot more dramatically.

Mars’ first visit in two years keeps your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit powered through to the 28th January. Venus spends from the 3rd January to the 3rd February enhancing your professional confidence, desires and expectations. Venus also attracts opportunities, when she returns for a second visit from the 3rd April to the 28th April.

Gemini 2017 Forecast – work/life balance

The professional gods spend the first four months of 2017 getting your professional year off to the best possible start. Your luckiest year for work growth and opportunity in over a decade begins in October.

That this plays out during your luckiest year for love and matters of the heart in over a decade, makes both work/life balance and a balance between work and play important from the outset

Also, what makes this an important year is the fact that this is also a special year for relationship matters. Events are likely to define your relationship experience for the next three decades.

Gemini 2017 Forecast – annual review

It is now in the third and final year of your three-yearlong relationship boot camp, that you already have an idea. You’re able to develop a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Ultimately, where you need to take responsibility.

If the last two years have been challenging for your relationships, then this is the rebuilding year.

A three-year financial boot camp starts on the 20th December and runs through to December 2020. The pressure comes off your relationships and onto money matters. The more you can take a smart approach to financial management throughout the year the better.

This is a year bookended by career opportunities in the first four months and work opportunities in the final three months it’s. It’s the middle months of the year that are the most lucrative. Income opportunities are most likely between the 4th June and the 26th August. June and August are likely to be the most lucrative months.