Cancer 2017 Money Forecast

Cancer 2017 MoneyYour Cancer 2017 Money Forecast is definitely going to be a good period for income and money matters. It certainly has the potential especially on the income front.

Saturn ends a three year visit to your work sector on the 20th December. During the first half of the year are some remarkable developments on the career front. This always bodes well for income potential, but it’s the money gods themselves that help you exploit this.

Mercury is the first planet to reach your income sector this year, but doesn’t return until the 6th July. Two months prior to that circumstances change in your favour, with clues to that as early as February.

In the early months of the yea, your focus is more on financial and money matters. This is a result of the Sun’ visit to your financial sector from the 19th January to the 18th February.

Mars left your financial sector in December 2016. Venus is also in her final days here as you move into the New Year. You start the year with your financial passions, desires and expectations charged up and your financial confidence high.

Mercury moves through, from the 7th February to the 25th February. You have the smart head for money you need to finalise your financial plans for the coming year. In due course, the money gods put you back in control, when they return to focus on income matters midyear.

Cancer 2017 Money – fateful events

There is a Lunar Eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February that suggests something is up.
You are grateful for the major income breakthroughs this has the potential to trigger. Especially as this is right in the middle of some stunning career developments.

An ordinary Full Moon can only eclipse if the Lunar Nodes are close by. It’s been several years since your Lunar Nodes were anywhere near either of your two money houses. These events are a sign that they’re drawing close.

This lunar eclipse is, is the first sign that things are going your way. The North Node’s return to your income sector on the 9th May. As a result, they bring the element of fate and destiny into play. They also create opportune circumstances that remain in effect until the 6th November 2018.

Mercury and his smart head for money return to your income sector on the 6th July. What follows are the most potentially lucrative months of 2017, running from the 6th July to the 20th September.

It’s during that period that the real evidence of the North Node’s position here is most evident. There is with a total Solar Eclipse on the 21st August creating the potential for a major income breakthrough.

Cancer 2017 Money – annual review

Throughout the most lucrative months of 2017 you have the full support of powerful forces. This happens on both the work and career fronts. Consequently, these events create the best months of the year across the income, work and career fronts in decades.

As a result, this year income forces in particular perform well above expectations.