Cancer 2017 Love Forecast

Cancer 2017 LoveCancer 2017 Love Forecasts is destined to become your luckiest year for love and romance in over a year. 2017 hosts the important early months. But there will be no evidence or signs in the early days, weeks or even months of the 2017

Your luckiest year for love in over a decade runs from the 10th October 2017 to the 8th November 2018. This gives you just over nine months to prepare for this and most of 2018 to enjoy the benefits.

Cancer 2017 Love – ample preparation time

However, that doesn’t mean the love gods won’t show up until October. Apart from the Moon’s monthly visits and a Full Moon in your romantic sector on the 10th May. It might seem that way.

Venus, normally returns to Cancer at some point during or around your birthday month. However, she does not return until the 31st July. Her late return working to your advantage.

Venus is in a retrograde phase during the early months of the year. She’s normally long gone by the time Jupiter returns to your romantic sector on the 10th October. Your romantic confidence, desires and expectations she always fuels, just a distant memory.

Venus leaves Cancer on the 26th August. By this time lucky Jupiter is just six weeks away from your romantic sector. He signals your luckiest year for love in over a decade is just over the horizon. The planet of love will be working overtime throughout August to ensure you’re ready.

Cancer 2017 Love – romantically charged

Venus returns to your romantic sector on the 7th November. The love gods have well and truly set up camp. Many of the desires and expectations of previous months take form by then.

Without a doubt the final three months of the year are the most romantically charged. The first nine months of the year are all about making sure your life is as love friendly as possible. 2018 is an even bigger year for love.

The love gods don’t get their turn until the second half of the 2017, the relationship gods will have your attention from the get go.

You always begin and end every year with the Sun in your relationship sector. The focus is always going to be on your relationships from the beginning. The relationship gods keep a skeleton crew on all year. They ensure that in some form or another your relationships are a priority.

Cancer 2017 Love – communications

2016 was such an important year for communication and the communication and relationship gods have worked so closely together last year. The key to keeping your relationships on track is keeping the communication lines open.

This makes Mercury, planet of communication’s involvement important, especially in the early weeks of the year of 2017.

Mercury will normally spend just 15 days out of any year in your relationship sector. This makes these the most important days of the year for giving your relationships a voice.

It’s in your relationship sector from the outset Mercury will spend the early days of the year.
He works to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words, a voice. Mercury returns from the 12th January to the 7th February. He spends even more time working to ensure the communication lines are open.

There is Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 9th July. Other than this the relationship gods remain in the background, focused more on keeping the communication lines open.

Compared to what is happens romantically your relationships won’t demand too much attention. This changes dramatically when a major three-year relationship chapter begins on the 20th December. The most important in three decades.