Cancer 2017 Forecast Horoscope

Cancer 2017 ForecastYour Cancer 2017 forecast presents you with your most important year for home, family and/or property matters in over a decade. The key to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is making the right ones. You need to work with, rather than against the cosmic currents. Work/life balance needs to be at the top of your priority list.

There is an opportunity for growth and lucky outcomes to home, family and/or property matters. Your priorities lay close to home and you allow things to run authentically on the home front.
This has a spill on effect into every other area of your life. However, neglect things on the home front and everything is likely to feel out of kilter.

Cancer 2017 forecast – excitement

Life progresses and what you have is an exceptionally good professional year, consequently you have a lot to get excited about across the income, work and career fronts. Your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative begins in October. You can see why work/life balance has to be a priority.

There is a lot more focus on home and family matters in September and October. This is something that remains the bedrock and the mainstay of your life throughout the year. Everything else that plays out, plays out with that backdrop.

Cancer 2017 forecast –  busy, busy, busy

Saturn is in his third and final year in your work sector therefore this is a three year visit that began in December 2014 and ends on the 20th December. You have a busy year on your hands. Uranus spends the whole of 2017 in your career sector. The professional wheels don’t slow down just because you have an important year for home and family matters. Neither do they let up for lucky romantic events.

There are expected developments on the career and income fronts. These unexpectedly contribute to 2017 being an especially good year for income, work and career matters.

Mars makes his first visit to your career sector in two years, from the 28th January to the 10th March. However, it’s Venus that has something special in store.

Venus spends 24 days in your career sector each year. These are usually some of the best weeks of any professional year. Venus not only fuels your professional confidence, desires and expectations but also attracts opportunities.

This year Venus moves through from the 3rd February to the 3rd April, an extended two-month visit when she also comes back for a return visit from the 28th April to the 6th June.

Cancer 2017 forecast – stunning opportunities

Between them, Venus and Mars extend out what is normally the best five to six weeks of any professional year. This year they enliven a period of stunning opportunities that run from the 28th January to the 5th June.

Saturn is in his final year in your work sector and not due to return for another three decades. This creates some exceptional conditions across the work and career fronts.

The North Node returns to your income sector on the 9th May, furthermore this is especially auspicious. It sets the scene for a total Solar Eclipse on the 21st August, consequently he element of fate is kept in play through to November 2018.

Cancer 2017 forecast – annual review

Behind everything is a need to remember that this is a big year for home and family matters. As well it is your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. These events start in October and Work/life balance, a balance between work and play need to be a priority from the outset.