Cancer 2017 Career Forecast

Cancer 2017 CareerConcerning your Cancer 2017 Career don’t expect to take your work hat off. Especially, don’t bother to wait for even a single moment, let alone a day for any let up.

You need to wait until the 26th December, before possibly getting a chance in the very final days of the year. If you’re waiting for a chance to take your professional hat off, you’ll need to wait until September 2018.

The upside is that you have a huge professional year in front of you. Probably one of the most defining and important of your whole professional lifetime. The downside is that you don’t get a break from this. While that was your reality for the whole of 2016 as well, this year this presents you with a unique set of problems At least so it might seem.

For with lucky Jupiter in your home and family sector until October. Other planets keep home and family matters high on your priority list right through to December. work/life balance is set to be a major issue. While it may present at times as a challenge, this is in fact an opportunity in disguise.

Work/life balance is as much an advantage on the home front as it is professionally. This needs to be at the very top of your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Cancer 2017 Career- work/life balance

You might think that work/life balance is a challenge to your professional life to back off. Perhaps that it’s all about protecting your home life from the big, bad professional world. In fact, the reality is that a balance between the two has benefits on both fronts.

With Saturn leaving your work sector on the 20th December. Not returning for another three decades, this is a year when you’ll be held to an exceptionally high standard. Hence, your work ethic and ability to stay the course is put to the test. Likewise, even your own health and stamina as well, which makes working smarter essential.

At the same time some exceptional career developments are possible this year. So you really do need to be on top of your game. You can’t do that if you work yourself into the ground.

Work/life balance is as much an advantage on the home front as it is professionally. THisneeds to be at the very top of your list of New Year’s resolutions.

After a busy end to 2016 work forces do ease back. You find the early months of 2017 aren’t nearly as manic as the pace was for much of last year.

Cancer 2017 Career – momentum

After a big push in the second half of 2016 you’ move into 2017 with Saturn on his own in your work sector. Consequently, happy to keep the wheels turning and to let things play out.

It’s not until the 5th November that the faster planets will return to help bring Saturn’s three-year journey home. Most new work developments take place in the final two months of the year. It’s the early part of 2017that’s all about keeping last year’s momentum going.

This frees up the professional gods. They focus on career and professional matters as a whole in the early part of the year. While the Sun will always return to your career sector in March, things kick off much earlier this year.

It begins with Mars’ return to your career sector on the 28th January. Until he leaves on the 10th March he continues to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit.  Meanwhile, it’s Venus’ return just a few days later that triggers something extraordinary.

Normally moving through your career sector in 24 days Venus fuels your professional confidence, desires and expectations. This triggers the laws of attraction. Subsequently, moving on creates some of the most potentially auspicious weeks of any professional year.

However, Venus returns on the 3rd February but won’t leave until the 3rd April and if that two-month visit isn’t enough, she returns for a double dip visit from the 28th April to the 6th June.

Something auspicious is developing on the Cancer 2017 Career front during the first half of the year. This occurs just as work forces take a back seat and focus more on keeping the wheels turning.