Aquarius 2017 Money Forecast

Aquarius 2017 MoneyYou have experienced a fairly challenging few years. Consequently, you find that your Aquarius 2017 Money Forecast offers a more settled financial landscape. From the outset, you begin to feel the benefits.

Lucky Jupiter’s was in your financial sector from August 2015 to September 2016. His position here, set the scene for those challenges. As a result, this put income and financial forces in constant opposition for over a year.

The last planet left your financial sector on the 7th October 2016. Consequently, the pressure dropped dramatically. Any potential developed over the previous 15 months began to permeate your mind.

The North Node leaves your financial sector on the 9th May. This event makes it incredibly easy to keep financial and money matters on track. You have plenty of momentum. Most important of all, your financial confidence is high.

Aquarius 2017 Money – time on your side

However, the real winners are income forces. Although outnumbered by financial forces for a 15-month period they had a secret advantage and that advantage was time.

When the planetary activity in your financial sector eventually ends, the pressure drops and opportunities begin to unfold. Neptune is in your income sector until 2026, consequently you have time on your side.

The challenges of the past few years’ open the way for making the most of your potential. A more rewarding outlook is already underway and plays out in the early months of this year 2017.

Mars is in your income sector and not due to leave until the 28th January. This allows you to begin the year with your fighting spirit and passions engaged. You are ready to clear away any obstacles in your path from the outset.

Aquarius 2017 Money –  confidence

Venus returns from the 3rd January to the 3rd February. This fuels your confidence, desires and expectations and also triggers the laws of attraction. As a result of her visit Venus creates some of the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year.

The Sun returns to your income sector on the 18th February. This means, the solar spotlight falls on your income situation, matters and options. This builds material advantage and adds some real momentum.

After three potentially very lucrative months, Venus returns for a second visit from the 3rd April to the 28th April. She ensures a thorough examination of your situation and also that untapped potential is fully taken advantage of.

Aquarius 2017 Money – annual review

From last year’s challenges you’ve learned a great deal. As a result, the stars make the first four months of the year the most potentially lucrative. You are ready to seize those opportunities and run with them.

Income matters never went away during the more dominant financial times over recent years. You eventually emerge victorious and financial and money matters remain in effect this year after they have had their turn.

From the 25th July to the 14th October a parade of planets moves through your financial sector. Mars in has his first visit in two years, and these are important months for money matters. However, it’s clear that the year itself belongs to income forces.