Aquarius 2017 Love Forecast

Aquarius 2017 LoveSomething special develops during your Aquarius 2017 Love Forecast. This isn’t a particularly major year for either romantic or relationship matters. However, the forces on both fronts surpass expectations, especially on the relationship front.

There is sense that fate might be in play. Firstly, during a Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 11th February. This is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences.

This Full Moon that falls at this time every year, halfway between your last relationship update and the next. You and your relationships receive the wakeup calls you need. The fact that this is no ordinary Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse is going to make this a much bigger event. An even more fateful one.

Aquarius 2017 Love – fateful precursor

An eclipse involves the Lunar Nodes and means something fateful is in play or is about to be. In this case, this is a precursor to the North Node’s return to your relationship sector on the 9th May.

From the 9th May 2017 to the 6th November 2018 the North Node gives your relationships a sense of direction. Fate and destiny are leading the way. They set the scene for a series of potentially game changing eclipses.

The first sign fate is in play comes with the Lunar Eclipse in your relationship sector on the 11th February. The evidence is likely to be revealed during a total Solar Eclipse on the 21st August.

This Solar Eclipse falls right in the heart of the most important relationship months of the year. These months start with Mercury’s return to your relationship sector on the 6th July. They last until Venus’ departure on the 20th September.

Aquarius 2017 Love – new beginnings

This Solar Eclipse creates the potential for major new beginnings. These 2017 relationship months are not only the most clearly defined, but some of the most important months in decades.

Relationship matters aren’t the major driving force in your chart this year. However, they are during those months. A major new professional journey starts during that time, which makes it essential to observe a sensible work/life balance.

Developments on the romantic front though not spectacular are some of the best conditions in several years. Possibly the most romantically charged weeks of 2017 run from the 29th April to the 31st July.

Aquarius 2017 Love – magical events

Within that four-month period are two especially magical periods. Firstly, from the 21st April to the 4th June and the second from the 5th July to the 31st July.

Initially, there are no signs of the romantic and relationship developments as you move into 2017. You move into the year with Venus, planet of love in Aquarius. This means your heart has a good sense of what you want on both fronts.

She ‘spends weeks, fuelling your romantic and relationship desires and expectations. Confidence comes from a planet that knows what lies ahead.
Venus leaves on the 3rd January.