Aquarius 2017 Career Forecast

Aquarius 2017 CareerAquarius 2017 Career Forecast comes disguised as an ordinary professional year. There is no planetary activity in either your work or career sectors as you move into the New Year. This is the norm, for June and July usually are the most active months of any year for work matters. October and November for career matters. Nothing to suggests this year is any different.

In reality 2017 is destined to become your biggest, most expansive and potentially successful year. Career and professional growth and success outstrip anything you’ve seen in over a decade. However, you have to wait until October for it to materialise.

Don’t let the lack of activity in your work or career sectors in the early months of 2017 concern you. Instead, with the big push made in the closing months of 2016, you need this time to let things run their course.

Aquarius 2017 Career – turning point

In those early months there is a Full Moon in your work sector on the 12th January. Also, a Full Moon in your career sector on the 10th May. These events bring chances to get your bearings. They bring anything building behind the scenes to a head, turning point and/or tipping point.

The first sign of any real movement comes with Mars’ return to your work sector on the 4th June. His first visit in two years starts off the busiest weeks of 2017. Mars fuels your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. This is your chance to throw yourself into the things that excite you.

Mars leaves on the 20th July. He is still here as the Sun and Mercury return on the 21st June to update you on recent developments. Also, to throw the solar spotlight on your work situation, matters and options.

Aquarius 2017 Career – auspicious times

Mars is gone by the time Venus returns on the 31st July. Her job is to attract the opportunities that the other planets have set the scene for. Venus remains here until the 26th August. These are likely to be some of the most auspicious times of the year for work opportunities.

This year Venus has late return to your work sector. As a result of a retrograde phase earlier in the year, she leaves just over six weeks before Jupiter’s arrival. Game changing lucky Jupiter returns to your career sector on the 10th October.

The best months of 2017 for work opportunities and developments run from the 4th June to the 26th August. It is clear that one is a stepping stone to the other. Consequently, your biggest professional year in over a decade starts on the 10th October.

Jupiter’s is in your career sector, from the 10th October 2017 to the 8th November 2018. This will be your biggest, luckiest and most potentially expansive and successful professional year in over a decade. Events are triggered as far back as Mars’ return to your work sector on the 4th June. This is what gets the events started.

Aquarius 2017 Career – auspicious times

A few quiet months at the start of the year is exactly what you need. Especially when you realise what is to come. You are about to catch a professional wave that take you through to the closing weeks of 2018

Mars spent an incredible amount of time in your career sector in 2016. As a result, you have a clear sense from the start of what kind of success you’re aiming for. Also, you know exactly what you are working towards.